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Proud American Company

“I like working with you guys because it is easy.  I give a call, set up a date and time for work, and your guys are always there.  I have done little stuff with Patriot and big stuff like a skyway connection of two buildings at Walker Plaza Gardens in Anoka, MN.  Your team is always working safely being tied off and I don’t have to fight them on safety. 

I am always asking my PM if they hired you guys for install and if they don’t I push to have them get you signed up.  The easy relationship that Brad, Dan, and I have is great.  I always have the stuff ready for them when they show up and if I don’t I call and discuss as to not waste anyone’s time. 

Once again, thanks for your hard work in getting my misc metals installed at Applewood and taking care of unforeseen issues that came up with the structural steel install.  Your quick responses and getting the work done makes it easy for me to stay on schedule and keep the follow on crews going strong.

I look forward to the next project working with Patriot.”

Ben Lato
Senior Superintendent
Weis Builders, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

Proud American Company

“As a superintendent, what I am always looking for is subcontractors that show up on-site prepared, provide their crews with the resources needed to complete the job, maintain scheduled durations, and plans safety into all their daily tasks. On all of the projects that I have worked with Patriot Erectors, they have continuously shown all of these attributes.  The trust-based relationship that Patriot and Terra have built is a valuable asset that leads to successful projects.”

Mike Abel
Field Superintendent
Terra General Contractors

Proud American Company

“There is nothing better than working with a contractor that is genuine, and from the owners of the company to crew members on job sites, Patriot Erectors is exactly that- Genuine.  Not only are they easy to work with, but the high level of respect provided to every detail of an order, project, or communication is simply unparalleled.  There is truly something to be said about working with a homegrown company that furnishes customer service and a finished product like only a local company can.” 

The Indy Lift Team

Proud American Company

“Weis Builders was in a tough position on a project and Patriot Erectors was here to help. We identified a safety risk of an existing 30’ tall, century-old smokestack that was leaning and held up by one steel cable. We were scheduled to start to drive H piles in a few days and we were worried about the vibrations causing the smokestack to fall. I immediately reached out to Patriot who we have partnered with in the past and they were willing to jump on this unique and risky situation in a time that many others were weeks out due to their workloads.

The owner of the building wanted to save the smokestack as it is a historical piece of the neighborhood, so over the next few days we worked with Patriot to devise a plan to safely take the smokestack down without any damage, in one piece. The stack had rusted through in many places, through the rivets, and at the seams but Patriot’s crew worked diligently and safely and it all came down in one piece.

Patriot Erectors was a great partner to have on this project, they immediately assisted in a very short time frame to keep us on schedule with our H pile installation devising a plan with no information other than visual inspections.”

Andy Coubal
Vice President
Weis Builders, Inc.
Minneapolis, MN

Proud American Company

“I want again to thank you for the wonderful work your team performed to create “railings” on the front and back of our home in Wayzata.

As you will recall, my wife Mary, found (in a junk yard), some old, decorative iron panels that she thought could be used to craft new handrails for our home (??).  They were badly bent, rusted, and I felt we should return them to the junkyard!

Your team however, was able to understand Mary’s vision and come up with a well-crafted solution that pleases me and receives wonderful comments from our guests…..nice job.

I would highly recommend your firm to others who need a well-crafted, “out of the box” solution.”

Denny Newell
Wayzata, MN

Proud American Company
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