Patriot Erectors Inc. provides safety-conscious and experienced union iron workers that will do the job right and on time.

photo of crane setting steel
Crane setting steel
Steel Erection

Patriot Erectors erects all types of structural steel and excels at erecting more challenging and unique structures. Our decades of experience shines through in this phase of our operations. Our Union iron workers are fully trained and certified in all aspects of steel erection including signaling and rigging. Also, we realize that this phase of the project is almost always “critical path” and requires a careful and complete pre-planning process. We understand that and you can be rest assured that all the critical components involved in this process are carefully examined including items such as site logistics, cranes, durations and most importantly how what can at times be a dangerous activity can be done efficiently and most importantly safely.

photo of structural steel detailing
Detailing at Elan Apartments
Structural Steel Detailing

Patriot Erectors takes pride in the fact that we have an experienced staff of Union iron workers that have many years of experience and are fully trained and certified in all the necessary aspects of this phase of operations including coordination, layout and elevations, welding and bolting, etc. Patriot Erectors prides itself on working with customers to solve problems and deliver the most workable and economically practical experience possible. Our company takes great pride in the correct and timely completion of these for our customers. Again, Patriot’s number one goal is the safety of our workers and everyone working on the project.

Decking at the Red Lake Government Center
Decking at the Red Lake Government Center
Metal Decking Installation


Metal roof deck, metal form deck, and composite metal deck are the most typical types of metal deck installed by Patriot Erectors field crews. Metal deck is typically fastened to supporting steel members by welding and powder actuated pins. Composite metal deck is also fastened at shear stud locations. Side laps for metal deck are fastened with screws. You can be rest assured that our crews install the metal deck using approved field installation drawings that incorporate project requirements such as Steel Deck Institute requirements and Engineer-of Record approvals. Various OSHA certified tie-off systems are utilized to ensure the safety of our crews and our compliance with any OSHA safety requirements.

Custom railing at private residence
Custom railing at private residence
Miscellaneous Steel and Steel Stair Installation

Patriot Erectors takes great pride in the fact that our crews are not only able to install the structural steel and decking components of a project but also can do a meticulous job on the installation of any steel stairs, railings and miscellaneous metals included in the project. Rest assured that we have experience in a variety of metals whether you are installing anything from standard steel pipe to architectural stainless steel, we have the equipment and expertise to produce a finished product that is exactly what our customer is looking for.

Moving historical chimney
Moving historical chimney
Custom Work

We will work with you and help you with custom and specialty jobs – jobs that are not the typical, every day work. Custom work includes art work, residential features as well as keeping historical pieces safe – like moving a historical chimney for safe keeping while its home is renovated. We are extremely proud of our field staff who make certain that what has been planned and designed is done to perfection on the job. Delivering a job that is done as per plan and safely is our specialty.