Core Values

We pride ourselves in a long-standing reputation with our loyal customers as having impeccable safety standards, while maintaining a high degree of integrity in the quality of our work.

We believe in the value of common courtesy. It drives how we treat every employee, every job (regardless of size), and every customer relationship.

Our industry expertise far exceeds that of our competition and it shows through our workmanship, on-time\on-budget delivery, and outstanding customer service. We understand what our customers need and many times before they do. We believe there’s no substitution for the kind of experience we have.

Our process from start to finish requires many skill sets. We’ve assembled a team whose knowledge and experience cover all the bases, supplying you with the kind of quality and service you expect and deserve.

We believe that the USA is superior in the world because of our Constitution and the rights and opportunities we enjoy. That’s why Patriotism is one of our Core Values and a guiding principle at Patriot Erectors.