Welcome to Patriot Erectors

Based out of Loretto, Minnesota, we are a union steel erector company. We have jobs all over the great state of Minnesota. Whether it be an addition to retail stores, building churches, remodeling or building schools to custom work, we can provide quality and safe steel erection for you.

Mission Statement

To be the safest, most efficient erector possible, to treat our employees better than the rest, to be honest and fair, and to treat our customers the same way we would want to be treated.

Company Goals and Objectives

The ultimate company goal is to provide the best possible service to our contractors at the best possible price and to maintain a high level of employee safety and satisfaction.

Our company objectives are to be constantly working to improve our safety so that our valued employees can go home each day. To ever improving customer service every year and to be consistent year in and year out in the way we do business. To offer the labor and commitment to each project that our mission statement provides. To never let up on improving the services in our relationships with our customers.

Business Philosophy

This business has been founded on the most basic principles. Treat your employees and customers the way you want to be treated. The fundamental principles of honesty and integrity are most important to this company. Fair treatment of our employees and customers is also paramount.

We see the industry as more competitive than it has ever been and realize that we need to have an edge. We believe that edge belongs to us because of our commitment to our mission, our many years of experience in the field of ironwork and the realization that success takes time and commitment.

Our key people have the advantage of having worked together before and have a lot of experience in the industry and know what works and what does not work.

Our position in the marketplace will be bolstered by the fact that the owners of the company worked out in the field for years. They have many connections with customers as well as vendors and will use that relationship to their advantage. Many people that we would be dealing with have known us for years and would recognize us and quickly realize how we intend to work with them and get the job done.

The ownership takes pride in the fact that they have developed lasting relationships with many of the contractors that they would be dealing with regularly. They pride themselves on their ability to show these people time and again that they are dealing with a top notch, professional company.


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